The power that once spanned most of the known world for over five millennia is gone, her cities destroyed, her forests razed, and her rivers poisoned. With her fall came the Sundering and all the horrors that were thought to have been eradicated. Various powers once commonly called “The Authority” that ruled the provinces and commanded vast armies have withdrawn to rule from the wreckage of isolated city-states. No longer do the mythical, awe-inspiring Archons rule immense Realms. No longer do Ordinators govern, tax and protect organized Provinces. And no longer do the terrifying Judges totally enforce the Iron Laws that held the very fabric of society together.

However close to ruin they have come, the struggle for dominance, of the Remnant, the city-states, and the entire fractured world of Terratus, continues without end. The Imperial Guard, forged after the war from the vestiges of the long forgotten Imperial Legion, is the only bulwark against open warfare between the various races and factions but even their leaders, stationed in various geographies, have their own differing ambitions. 

Lacking the resources and will to re-establish the glorious civilization of old, the opposing provinces, city-states and fiefdoms instead spend their efforts on the rediscovery of long forgotten libraries, forges, and arcane facilities. Hucksters peddle rusty junk and broken trinkets to the ignorant, while the lords seek out and hoard the magical wonders of a dead era, though they are barely understood.

Chivalry, honor, and valor, now widely regarded as the luxuries of the past, have been cast aside in favor of transitory loyalties and a rule of law ever available to the highest bidder. Alliance and reputation are the true currencies now, and a careless word or unpaid tribute can cost the ultimate price.

There is a change lately in the unstable flux of power and intrigue, of stroke and counterstroke. A fanatical mysticism is slowly gaining favor, as both old and new dangers threaten to sweep away the squabbling, disorganized competitors. Some speculate that another war approaches, while others rubs their hands in anticipation of the profits that strife must surely bring.

While this dark age brings discord to the common folk, it also offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for an individual or group of individuals determined to seize the moment, to follow it to riches, power, glory and, if they don’t tread carefully, an untimely death. This is the Age of Decadence.

The Old Legends & The New To Come

According to stories passed down from generation to generation, the wicked kingdom of Q'antaar and the Dominion were once locked in a bloody magical war that devastated much of the known world. The fireside tales speak of a climactic clash of zeal that lasted a generation in which the adversaries called upon immense powers whose contest ultimately destroyed both sides. Major population centers of all races across the world lay in ruin, and bodies of the dead were strewn across the land. Untold centuries later, the world still suffers from the shadow of civilization's collapse. Where there once was unity, there is now both righteous and devious factions struggling for dominance in the ruined world. Where there was once knowledge, there is ignorance of both science and magic and toxic dogmas that know no bounds. Where there was once chivalry and honor, there is only pettiness and betrayal. 

And it is in this uneasy divided land of myth and fable that our group of adventurers find themselves struggling to find their place. Will they become heroes, villains or remain neutral? Will they just struggle to survive or overcome the menacing world around them? Only time will tell…

The Age of Decadence

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